Victor Hwang

Victor Hwang Hello, I’m Victor. Right now I’m an interaction designer at Parliament, where we’re working to make the democratic process more transparent and easier to understand.

This involves unpicking not only what people need from Parliament and how it fits into their lives, but also a 900 year old institution and its often arcane processes.

The digital design team at Parliament could easily fit into this lift, so we have to operate efficiently. We touch every part of a product, from discovery through live support, working with a diverse cast from across Parliament to get stuff into the hands of users.

Of course, all of this is driven by research; whether that’s observing people at work, co-design sessions, or watching them use one of our prototypes.

Regardless of where I work I aim to promote the use of design and research as a better way to understand and tackle complex problems.

Before this I was working at the BBC. I’ve also done stints at Mettle, Common Industry, Sugru and Modern Design Review.

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