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  • June 2018

Mettle / GE Healthcare


Mettle, a small team of talented industrial designers and engineers, needed another pair of hands to help facilitate a series of workshops with GE Healthcare in America.

In each workshop I led a diverse team of GE employees, all non-designers, from research through ideation to prototyping and pitching in a matter of days. For example, in the Boston based workshop we created George, an AI lab assistant.

  • April 2018

Ideation days


I’ve written a blog post about the way that I facilitate design workshops, which have become something of a regular fixture with my team Parliament. It talks about the things that I’ve found successful, and should be sort of like a recipe for running these things yourself. Read it here.

  • March 2018



Bricabrac is a club night where each song is a different genre from the last. Hip Hop careers into Greek Classical, House turns into Jazz. They needed a website which emulated this feeling of sonic whiplash visually, and supported their vibrant brand. I designed and coded

The song request feature collected over 10 hours worth of song requests for the first night.

  • September 2017



My friend Matthew came up with the idea of a clock that is a face. The tongue does the hours and the eyes do the minutes. I helped him out to code it up and make it a reality. You can see it here.

  • August 2017

MPs Portraits


I wrote a blog post about our new MPs portraits at Parliament, and the process of designing ways for them to be disseminated. A lot of the work was around making them as easy for people to reuse as possible to increase their visibility and the value to taxpayers. Read it here.

  • September 2017

London Design Festival


As part of London Design Festival the first public cross-gov meet up happened at the Design Museum. I gave a 5 minute update on behalf of the design team on our progress at Parliament.

  • May 2016

BBC Weather


As we were designing the new BBC Weather app, I set about exploring ways the new brand would work in motion. I set myself the brief of using motion and liminal bits of interaction to express the weather in a more visual way than with numbers and symbols. You can see some of those experiments here, here, here.

  • December 2015


 image  image

I’ve decided that I wanted to make my own badges. I thought the idea of making them out of mirror was fun - subverting the usual requirement of a badge to have a message.

I made one a circle, the natural shape for a badge, and one a shard, the natural shape for a mirror. I made a few pairs and packaged them up to sell.

  • May 2015

D&AD New Blood Academy


Along with 40 or so others, I took part in the 2015 D&AD Academy. As part of the two weeks we worked in teams with Innocent Smoothies to develop their new ad campaign. I was invited to take part off the back of my D&AD New Blood entry, BBC Flick, which won a wooden pencil.

  • March 2015

Futurist Net Curtains


Having worked with Modern Design Review to put on their first show at Ace Hotel London, I managed to twist their arm into letting me write a couple of articles for the magazine. My favourite, about a pair of net curtains, was published in the second issue. Read it here.

  • March 2015

Fantastic Archway


Fantastic Archway, a never-to-be-completed architectural proposal, is an investigation into the power of imaginary architecture.

A pair of disused gate posts hide in an overgrown hedge, having been fenced off; rendered inaccessible. These are in the style of classical Greek columns, and are ridiculous on account of both their dysfunctionality and aesthetic clumsiness.

Rather than hide this ridiculousness, as much architecture is inclined to do, Fantastic Archway aims to harness it, welcoming visitors with a wave of it’s classical column.

  • December 2014

What would Carl Andre do?


The Art World has changed a lot since the Tate sparked national outrage by buying Equivalent VIII by Carl Andre. I wanted to pay homage to the 40th birthday of its first public outing in the Tate.

Referencing the more modern trend for participation in works of art, I re-created the arrangement of bricks with a couple who were using the bricks to build an extension.

  • August 2014

B_____ A_____


Branding for the Kingston degree show.

You leave art school with much more than just a Bachelor of Arts. What else could BA(Hons) stand for?

The website we made allowed visitors to scroll through B words and A words, making their own combinations. See how it worked here. We also launched a Bizarre Archive of found combinations around the school.

We were allowed to keep the word ‘bitchin’ but asked to remove ‘armpits’