Victor Hwang

I'm a designer, currently making services and products with Farewill.

I help people, organisations and things solve problems.

I believe in thinking through making.

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How do you change the way the world deals with death

  • A new service for couples to get their wills done together. This now accounts for over half of wills revenue. Read blog post
  • Redesigned sign up process for getting a will. Resulting in 60% more people starting to write their will.
  • Led the consolidation of our three services - Wills, Probate and Cremation - into one website. A key step in making Farewill the first brand for death.
  • Read more about what I do at Farewill in my weeknotes

How do you make Parliament and democracy easier to engage with

  • Research and design of new pages for MPs and Lords.
  • Development of the first design system, building out of the first visual identity for UK Parliament (working with Someone).
  • Release of the first cohesive portraits of MPs and Lords, wholeheartedly used and abused by the british press. Read blog post

In a post-broadcast world, what interface should a public broadcaster have

  • Redesign of the iPlayer homepage. Combining data, research and editorial expertise to futureproof the front page of a service used by millions.
  • Investigating new ways that the weather could be communicated.
  • Development of a styleguide for how notifications are written across the BBC.

Each divider on this website is a late neolithic flint axe (Source).

Thinking through making.