2022-02-26 22:22

#What is co-design?

  • It can be extractive and consultative, or involving and collaborative
    • Good collaboration requires communication, mutual respect and trust
      • Trust provides a tempo for us to work together. 'We move at the speed of trust'
  • Relationally is central in indigenous communities around the world


  • Building relationships is key - 'the project before the project'
    • Often when starting to collaborate, people try to set the goal. But the basis for collaborating is relationships - that need to be built first.
  • Respect is important
  • Relationally is the precarious balance of sameness and difference - self and other


from Muller, S

  • The idea of moving together - no one left behind


  • Trust is making something important to me vulnerable to your actions
    • Can be as simple as exposing a bit of your humanity - 'How are you' but meaningful rather than performative

#Creating safe brave spacess

  • The language we use can create or shut down spaces - eg: 'We're going to draw a prototype' vs 'We're going to doodle'. How can we make invitations easy to accept?

#Decision making

  • Is it good enough for now and safe enough to try? Ask this to make decisions, rather than aiming for perfect.
  • Don't look for agreement - agreement is a 'yes' or 'no' binary which is hard. Rather look for consensus - what do you object to, what is your preference and what would you tolerate?


  • Comes from Western Cartesian philosophy - mind vs body etc. Our default way of thinking - we visit a country etc. Disregards the fact that things sit in a matrix w each other.



  • See how the idea of metaphor from [[Object Oriented Ontology]] can be used in codesign here