2022-02-26 22:23

#Drawing something takes it from abstract to concrete

  • Different methods of communication can be laid out on an axis that goes from abstract to concrete.
    • SPEECH: When you speak, what you say is linked to time. You cannot take in a speech at once. That means it can disguise whether a concept being explained makes sense or not.
    • WRITING: When something is written, someone can look at a chunk of the speech in its entirety. However, there is still ambiguity. When I say 'human' everyone imagines a slightly different thing.
    • DRAWING: Drawing something makes it more concrete. It takes away ambiguity from the concept
  • Films are more concrete than books. That's maybe why they're usually a disappointment - it's never as good as the thing you were imagining.
  • Yuval Noah Harari talked about this in his podcast interview with Tim Ferris