2022-02-26 22:23

  • About 10,000 in London Source - that's 1 for every 800 humans.
  • I hate the foxes in my area. They shit, dig, etc. But are just living their lives.
  • Could our cities be designed to live with foxes in harmony?
  • They control the population of rodents Source They also mostly eat 'natural' food - our trash is only supplementary to their diet. Source
  • We don't know much about foxes - there is little research into their social lives - vision - etc.
  • Foxes... self regulate [their population] and it is clear that diseases such as mange have some influence on numbers. This also means that culling foxes has little long-term impact on populations. Source
  • What is the city like through the eyes of a fox?
    • HEARING - They can hear a mouse squeak 100 ft away. Sensitive to low-frequency noises like rustling. Source
    • VISION - Similar to dogs. More blue-y green - reds become green and purples become blue. Can see well in the dark. Vision is based mainly on movement. Source They also have a slightly wider field of view, and are near-sighted (can't see as far as us) Source.
    • DISTANCE - They use the earth's magnetic field to tell distance from prey. Source
  • Good looking deterrents