Practices-oriented design

2022-02-26 22:24

Draws on [[Practice theory]] as an approach to design.

Recognises practices as spacio-temporal, disruptable, relational. Defines 'innovation junctions' as moments when multiple [[Technology]] converge, interact and exchange. This does not just mean digital technology.

![[Practice theory]]

#A case study: Domestic energy demand

First, they (Zimmerman et al., 2010) identified a practice to focus on. They chose 'keeping warm at home'. After that, you select a

#Four interpretations of practices-oriented design

#Analysing situated practices

  • Focus on practice-as-performance Using methods from user research to analyse situated performances of practices

#Tracing practices in space and time

  • Focus on practice-as-entity, trace and compare practices over space and time. Eg: history of bathing across countries.

#Disrupting practices

  • Take practices as a unit of design - redesign practices.

#Reflecting on practices of design

  • Reflect on the organisational and practical practices that design is a part of. Refletive and reflexive.

Note - I wonder how this practice could interface with Atomic Habits, which focusses on pratices change at an individual level.