Scaling vs scalebound architecture

2022-02-26 22:24

  • Modernist architecture is usually scalebound. They are built on a grid, and things fit in that grid to create order.
    • Relatedly, the designer starts with the plot of land in mind, and works to fit the requirements of the building into the space.
      • This scaling approach has been augmented with technology by Sidewalk Labs (google) in their tool dwell - which helps developers plan the massing of neighbourhoods.
  • Scaling architecture was explored in Yokohama International Passenger Terminal, designed by Foreign Office Architects. This technique was enabled by the development of more powerful computers.
    • Scaling architecture is more like a craggy mountain or the sea. Many different scales crash into each other to form a continuum. The buildings could go on and on forever, and each element seems like it could regenerate on it's own grid forever. The fixing of the building to a plot comes at the end.