Ways of making images

2022-02-26 22:25

  • Humans construct an idea of what's around them by constantly moving - their eyes and heads etc. In fact - one of the points Lanier makes in [[Dawn of the New Everything Encounters with Reality and Virtual Reality]] is if you were to put your head in a vice and keep your eyes completely still your vision would go grey, as our brains rely on motion to see. See also [[VR Virtual Reality]]
  • This is a collection of thoughts on different image and film making techniques. It's a personal list. I'm interested in ways of representing the world around us that are realistic without being naturalistic.
  • [[Bitmap]]
  • [[Datamosh]]
  • [[Slitscan]]
  • [[Cubism]]
  • [[Perspective]]
  • [[Narrative]]
  • [[Mode 7]]